Our Vision

The next frontier of computing is general intelligence that can be assistive to humans both at home and at work. That future is already here now and is being accelerated by the latest AI innovations.

At VoiceWorx, we are creating a new way for humans to cooperate with computers to get things done in the digital world by training models that power AI Assistants and Teammates that help you get the job done.

Everyone can have an AI assistant that takes requests in plain natural language and knows what software systems, businesses or people to connect with to achieve your goals.

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Introducing our Generative AI Models

VoiceWorx Generative Transformers (GTx) are state-of-the-art core language processing AI models that support 3 broad categories of use cases. These models powers our multi-modal assistants for use in the workplace/office, as a personal assistant or as an agent representing a business or brand.

Office Assistant

GTO-1: Generative Transformer for Office is our workplace assistant AI model. It is an intelligent teammate trained on a wide range of tasks and activities that need to be completed in a digital workplace.

Personal Assistant

GTP-1: Generative Transformer for Personal use (GTP) is our personal/home assistant AI model. It is trained on common tasks and activities that are useful for individual users at home or in their daily routines.

Business Assistant

GTB-1: Generative Transformer for Business (GTB) is our business assistant AI model. It is trained as an agent or representative of a business or brand and helps customers in achieving meaningful interaction or engagement.


Our AI Assistant Integrations

VoiceWorx AI Assistants are trained to integrate with a wide variety of software systems and APIs in the digital world enabling them to access information and carry out actions. These models powers our multi-modal assistants for use in the workplace/office, as a personal assistant or as an agent representing a business or brand.

Enterprise Systems & Cloud Platforms

VoiceWorx AI assistants have access to built-in integrations into a growing number of enterprise systems and services including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Office365, HubSpot, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and several other common services.

Online Businesses

VoiceWorx AI assistants have ability to interact with businesses that have online presence including Shopify, Etsy, Uber, BigCommerce, e.t.c. These connections enable the assistants to carry out actions that involve interaction with retail & service businesses on behalf of users.

Databases, Analytics & APIs

VoiceWorx AI assistants have access to built-in integration to the most popular database platforms including SQL databases, No-SQL databases, analytics platforms like Tableau and a powerful, secure, no-code integration to any custom REST APIs.


No Coding Required!

Select from our catalog of Virtual Assistants for your enterprise use case and immediately start voice-enabling your Cloud and On-Premises enterprise systems today.


Enterprise-Grade Voice Platform

VoiceWorx support for Enteprise features includes secure Private Cloud deployments, out-of-the-box integrations to the most common enterprise systems.

Convergence of Generative & Transactional language models

At VoiceWorx, our research and development spans both the world of Generative language models as well as natural-language powered integrations to both traditional and modern enterprise systems. This enables us to create composite models that understand the context of human interaction and identifies when transactional requests are made that require real-time integration with enterprise systems via API or other integration methods.

VoiceWorx AI models already support no-code natural language interaction with many enterprise systems including SalesForce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Office365, Amazon Web Services, Tableau, HubSpot, and many others. They also have the ability to establish no-code natural language integration to any accessible REST API.

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AI Experience Channels

VoiceWorx AI Assistants are pre-configured for access via multiple user experience channels so users can interact with the AI assistant through the most convenient and appropriate channels for each specific use case. We support the most common channels for language-based interaction via voice and chat, and we also enable multi-modal interaction on supported devices.


Voice is the most natural method of human expression, it is fast and highly interactive through eh use of natural language. VoiceWorx AI assistants leverage state-of-the-art speech-to-text(STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) models to drive engaging voice interactions with users.


VoiceWorx AI assistants can be experienced via a rich multimodal chat interface for both Web and Mobile platforms. VoiceWorx also support integration to enteprise chat platforms including Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom Chat.

Smart Devices

VoiceWorx in pioneering the use of large language models to power smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant based solution. VoiceWorx is also developing its own smart device solution targeted at enterprises that require full end-to-end security and control of Smart devices in use on their network.