Senior Living Assistant

The VoiceWorx Senior Living Assistant empowers Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, hospices and Home Health providers with easy to use voice control through Alexa and offers a set of ready to serve voice commands for use for the elderly people living in a care facility.

Voiceworx SmartHealth

Alexa Smart Properties in Senior Living Integration

Alexa Smart Properties provides device fleet management to provide Alexa capabilities at scale. Voice Worx’s Senior Living Assistant is integrated with Alexa Smart Properties in Senior Living and thus also supports features such as assigning skills to devices in rooms, sending announcements, and configuring settings such as WIFI settings and which wake word the device responds to. Voice Worx’s Senior Living Assistant also supports Account Linking for security and identification when available on Alexa.

Senior Living

Service Requests

Provides voice commands for elderly people living in the senior facility for making service requests such as requesting AC repair.

Delivery Requests

Provides voice commands for elderly people living in the senior facility for making delivery requests such as requesting a wheelchair or a toothbrush.

Senior Living
Senior Living

Notify Caregiver

Patients can use the Senior Living Assistant to notify caregivers hands-free when they are in need of urgent assistance. When the patient is in need of assistance, the caregiver recieves an instant notification on the mobile app and can respond directly in the mobile app.

Content Management

Content such as community FAQ’s, announcements, news, events, and schedules can all be managed and broadcasted to the Alexa devices.

Senior Living
Senior Living

Work Ticket Management

Service and Delivery Requests made through the Senior Living Assistant can be managed in the VoiceWorx Senior Living Management UI which is provided on both mobile app and web. Through the mobile app, caregivers can receive requests and issue responses on the move. Elderly patients then get insagnt notification of response and can also check up on their requests status using Alexa.

Caregiver Room Assignment

Caregivers can be assigned to rooms in the Senior Living Management UI. They will be assigned the tickets that are associated to the room they are responsible for.

Senior Living
Senior Living

Pilots and Alexa Devices

We offer a 1 month free trial for qualified senior living facilities. To get started with your free pilot contact us below. We also offer multiple device purchase or leasing options.

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