Retail Digital Assistant

VoiceWorx SmartRetail is helping the retail industry through deep learning technology that offers a more personalized experience to the end users as well as to provide an interactive environment to them. The growing trend is to streamline retail operations, minimize efforts, and increase revenue mostly for e-commerce retailers. VoiceWorx SmartRetail provides AI equipped retailers with sharper forecasting tools that make smarter business decisions. We are growing the retail sector by improving efficiency, as well as prediction. VoiceWorx SmartRetail help retailers meet their consumers at the digital front door.

Voiceworx SmartHealth

AI-Powered Digital Assistant for the Retailers & Brands

SmartRetail provides a platform to enable brands create and publish content via voice to showcase their products and also inform their customers. Brands can create a rich mix of content including text, images, audio and video for delivery via multimodal devices.


Why VoiceWorx?

Built for retail

Speed of setup

Voice based apps can be built and made live quickly.

Ready templates

Modify templates as needed and add new voice interactions.

No coding needed

We handle the backend and infrastructure on commercial cloud servers.


Centralized service to manage apps for various voice enabled platforms


Voice Shopping Platform

SmartRetail provides a secure platform for voice-shopping. Enrolled users can browse the list of available products and submit orders via voice commands. VoiceWorx.Ai two factor authentication is required for enrolled users to participate in voice-shopping. Members can check their loyalty point balance via their SmartSpeakers or other supported channels

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Brand & Loyalty Platform

SmartRetail enables brands with a loyalty program to offer a AI-Powered conversation user interface to their loyalty members as well as submit supported requests to the brand for participation in exclusive offers and discounts.

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